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Latest Release

The latest version is yudit-2.9.6 It was released on 2014-10-20. It supports Unicode 7.0.0. Here is the changelog. Please read the installation page for instructions. The source code is primary targeted for Linux, but it also contains scripts needed to comile binaries for Windows.

You may be able to find a pre-compiled binary package here for your system.

For Linux, you can also make a binary rpm yourself from the source tarball:

      rpmbuild -tb yudit-2.9.6.tar.gz

If you are looking for Yudit specific Private Use Area code assignment it can be found here. It currently contains old Hungarian (ROVASIRAS) and Bliss Symbolics.


Patches and Contributions Since Last Release

Please continue to send me patches. I will include them in the next release. I will list all good patches here.

Beta Programs

Yudit 2.9.7 beta programs
Gáspár SINAI
Tokyo, 2016-04-30

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