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You can see the howto documents in Yudit unicode editor if you type 'howto configure' in the command area of the editor window.

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HOWTO arabic

 This document is about Yudit's Arabic support.

 There are a couple of Arabic keymaps; you can select one if
 you click on the blue arrow at the toolbar.

 Arabic: A transliterated keyboard map.
 ArabicKeyboard: a keyboard imitation map.

 Let's select Arabic and type in some letters with spaces
 in between:

‎   أ ه لاً   ب ا ل ع ا ل م!‏

 I cheated here: The character ‪U+200E‬ (‪‎‬) at the beginning
 is to make this line an English text, with embedded Arabic.
 The ‭‏‬ at the end is to keep the ‪!‬ belonging to RL group.
 If you take out the spaces we get:

‎   أهلاً بالعالم!‏

 Using presentation forms is possible, but not recommended:

‎   ﺃﻫﻼ ً ﺑﺎﻟﻌﺎﻟﻢ!‏

Further Reading:
 You should also read HOWTO-bidi.txt by typing ‪howto bidi‬ in the 
 command window of Yudit.
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