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You can see the howto documents in Yudit unicode editor if you type 'howto configure' in the command area of the editor window.

For your reference, I put the following documents on this server:

arabic, baybayin, berber, bidi, build, configure, devanagari, freehand, georgian, greekancient, japanese, keymap, malayalam, rovasiras, syntax, tamil, tibetan, vietnamese, windows

HOWTO japanese

Japanese input with canna and kinput2
Canna - a conversion engine, like FreeWnn but it works 
    on my machine (which is alpha) It does not need 
    X server to run.
Kinput2 - a front-end. This will display  a nice 
   input window.  Yudit suppports kinut2 protocol, 
   _JAPANESE_CONVERSION.  This needs X server to run.



Short install guide. *.alpha.rpm should be substituted 
with file names reported by the rpm --rebuild command.

rpm --rebuild Canna-3.5b2-51.src.rpm
rpm --i Canna-3.5b2-51.alpha.rpm
rpm -iU Canna-devel-3.5b2-51.alpha.rpm
rpm -iU Canna-libs-3.5b2-51.alpha.rpm
rpm --rebuild kinput2-v3-14.src.rpm
rpm -i kinput2-canna-wnn6-v3-14.alpha.rpm

probably in /etc/rc.d. Please use 
   chkconfig --add  canna
for automatic start. Seee CHKCONFIG(8) for more info.

/etc/rc.d/init.d/canna start

Make this start after you run X:
kinput2 -canna &

Kinput2 window should appear after you switch input to kinput2
in yudit.

Udpate 2002-04-08 
I have added mappings between national standard JIS X 0213 on 
a best effort basis.  

For Yudit National standards are preferred to Unicode when
selecting a fonts - this is the only way to select a
particular glyph variant from unified CJK character. Font 
support is the only reason why I still keep these maps -
text conversion is just a bonus.

X11 bitmap fonts with -jisx0213*-1 -jisx0213*-2 are automatically
recognized. They can be found at many places, for instance: 


For Shift_JISX0213 encoded True Type fonts please use shift-jis-3
converter, like this:


lmaru2000p.ttf can be found in:


extendedWatanabeMincho3.ttf can be found in:


New bonus text converters that can handle text with JISX0213

euc-jp-3  - official name should be EUC-JISX0213
shift-jis-3 - official name should be Shift_JISX0213

Gaspar Sinai
gaspar (at) yudit.org


Gáspár SINAI
Tokyo, 2016-04-30

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