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HOWTO berber

Yudit in Berber

By Bruno_Cauchy_Lefebvre <bb.lefebvre (at) free.fr>

Sun Nov 24 19:42:07 UTC 2002


Yudit in Berber has been validated with Caslon font


Note that Berber use extensively diacritics in 03xx Unicode range

Berber keyboards maps are usable with both French AZERTY
or English QWERTY keyboards.

Berber keyboards maps are :

1) Berbere-standard : for standard texts in Berber

2) Berbere-etendu : for linguistic texts about Berber variants

3) Berbere-conversion1 : for conversion of texts written with fonts
that have substituted iso-8859-1 glyphs with Berber glyphs.
To convert these texts, open it with "File Type => Berbere-conversion1"
and save them with "File Type => utf-8".

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