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You can see the howto documents in Yudit unicode editor if you type 'howto configure' in the command area of the editor window.

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HOWTO syntax

Yudit Author: Gaspar Sinai
Version: 2010-01-31

This document describes the "Highlighting" functionality in Yudit.

With highlighting, characters can have different colors according
to ceratain highlighting rules. The rules can be selected from
the "Highlighting" dialog that is accessible from the toolbar or
the hot-key <ctrl><h>. Highlighting modes are organized by 

The legacy editor command "syntax" can also be used instead of
the new dialog box:
  syntax simple
  syntax simple-dark
  syntax category:highlighting

One major addition to highlighting was the support of hunspell
program. Hunspell is an external module that Yudit can use for
spell checking. It was written by Nemeth Laszlo for Open Office
(nemeth (at) OpenOffice.org).

To use hunspell, you need 

libhunspell.so (Linux), 
libhunspell.dylib (Mac)
libhunspell.dll (Windows)

installed and you need to download and install the actual
.dic and .aff files for your language. If you just want a quick
setup, you can simply drop these files into ~/.yudit/syntax 

Hunspell web-site (to compile hunspell.so):


Dictionaries (.dic, .aff files)


Please note, that there is a configuration parameter "yudit.syntaxpath"
that tells yudit where the external syntax files are, but as
~/.yudit/syntax directory is always used, you can put the dif, aff 
files as well as the library itself.

To see this document in Yudit, just type

howto syntax

in the editor command area.


Gáspár SINAI
Tokyo, 2016-04-30

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